Videos of Hezhi Group Equipment and Factory

Shot Blasting Machine

Overhead Rail conveyor shot blasting machine working video

Bigger work pieces can be put on hanger hook uniquely. Smaller work pieces will be put 
Work pieces are rotating in blasting chamber to get steel shot impact from blasting wheels mounted on both sides chamber wall. After 2-6 min blast cleaning, work pieces will move out along loop rail conveyor for unloading or moving to coating line .

Hezhi Group Workshop Production Video

4 sets  customize designed shot blasting machine under production, which used for blastng / cleaning stone ,marble or granite surface.

Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine

Plate & Sheet Shot Blasting Machine is special blast cleaning equipment for steel plate, steel sheet and strips. Feeding rollers deliver steel plate, steel sheet and strips to middle rollers in blasting chamber where work pieces will be blasted by blasting wheels mounted on the blasting chamber walls.

Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

It’s special blast cleaning equipment for steel pipes, tubes and round bars. External pipe shot blasting machine is also called external pipe blaster for pipe external surface cleaning. Internal pipe shot blasting machine is also called internal pipe blaster for pipe internal surface cleaning.

Foundry Sand Molding Machine

Jolt Squeeze Molding Machine Test Running Video

After finished and before delivery the machine,we installed & test running  in Hezhi Workshop. to confirm the machine work performance.

Jolt Squeeze Molding Machine Working Machine

The worktable fall and collide with floating shock-iron,and the sand was tighted slightly, and then to compaction,get the top and bottom of sand mould are tight

Sand Flaskless Molding Machine Working Process

Flaskless molding machine is for automatic mass production of small and medium clay sand castings. Especially for casting weight is below 50kg and without sand core or simple core. Such as machinery parts, auto and motorcycle parts, valves, bearings, cylinder head, flywheel housing and brake caliper, but also pipe fitting, shaft and cover, like T joint, elbow and clampetc .

Hot Box / Cold Box Sand Core Shooter

Hot / Cold Box Sand core shooter

Iti’s core shooting machine for mass production of clay castings, especially for disc and flat castings. 

core shoot machine is horizontal parting type with 2 working station. Foundry sands are mixed with bonder and then are hardened by triethylamine It is more efficient than hot box core shooter because no heating procedure involved.

Foundry Sand Mixer

Rotor Type foundry sand mixer

The sand mixer is a machine which can mix the sand, binder, additive, water, etc. for casting evenly and make it into molding sand or core sand with certain performance.can make the components of molding sand mix evenly , make the binder effectively cover the sand surface . 

Wheel rolling Type foundry sand mixer

wheel rolling type sand mixer adopts grinding wheel spring pressure technology. Inside and outside scrapers rolled up sand by stirring it and rotating grinding wheel.