Resin Sand Double arms Mixer -Hezhi Machinery

Resin sand mixing machine refers to a kind of continuous operation sand mixing machine used in foundry enterprises to mix resin molding sand and core sand. This machine is a type of resin for continuous manufacturing or core making using liquid curing agent and liquid resin. Self-hardening sand mixer. Resin sand mixers can be divided into two-arm resin sand mixers and single-arm resin sand mixers. In terms of domestic use, resin sand mixers generally refer to two-arm resin sand mixers. The characteristic is that it can be composed of two-level freely rotating agitating cages, the first stage is conveying agitating cages and conveying raw sand; the second stage is high-speed sand mixing cages and high-speed sand mixing. Both the liquid resin and the curing agent are sprayed in the second-stage agitation cage. The curing agent is sprayed first, and the resin is sprayed after a delay.

The components of resin sand mixer include: primary conveying agitator cage, secondary agitating cage, PLC electric control system, operation electric control cabinet, liquid material system (including: curing agent pump, resin pump, liquid material valve Etc.), gas system, sand quantitative system and other parts.

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