Jolt Squeeze Molding Machine

Jolt squeeze manhole cover molding machine also called compact table ,it is Z14 Series foundry moulding machine for green sand casting production.
this green sand casting squeeze molding machine consists of a table, a shock piston, a true iron compaction piston, a compaction cylinder, etc.
Jolt Squeeze molding machine is full buffer, high frequency, low amplitude, pneumatic micro-vibration compaction molding machine, Using spring buffer, pneumatic micro-seismic mechanism can reduce the impact of shock on the foundation.

We provide the portable type small model jolt squeeze molding machine and bigger model jolt squeeze moulding machine.

Technical specification of Jolt squeeze molding machine / Jolt squeeze moulding macine

Max dimension of sand boxmm400 * 400 * 100400 * 500 * 180450 * 500 * 200500 * 600 * 200630 * 800 * 320900 * 800 * 320
Worktable sizemm560 * 420465 * 500600 * 460550 * 700900 * 7301000 * 820

Jarring load

air pressure

KGF/ Mpa0.550.6300 / 0.6300 /
Compressive stressKGF40004200630070001200018000
Compress processmm100120160200180200
Drawing mold processmm160150200200320320
worktable to compacting plate distancemm200-370300-400300-450350-450680600-700
Productivitymold/ h40-6040-6040-6040-6040-6040-60
Dimension L * W * Hmm950 * 680 * 12801050 * 1100 * 14101200 * 1000 * 16931380 * 850 * 15651600 * 1038 * 22002175x1600x2380

Smaller or Bigger model ,we can customized according to your requests! 

Green sand jolt squeeze molding machine introduction

When produce  large number of castings, hand molding consumes more time, labor , accuracy and uniformity in molding also be varies. To overcome this difficulty, jolt squeeze molding machine are used for molding.  Jolt Squeeze molding machine is economic molding solution for manual and simply automatic clay sand casting production. Jolt squeeze molding machine do not need big floor space. And it is flexible to increase molding machines when casting production increasing.

Jolt squeeze moulding machine combines the operating principles of ‘jolt’ and ‘squeeze’ machines resulting in uniform ramming of the sand in all portions of the moulds

• The machine makes use of a match plate pattern placed between the cope and the drag box. • The whole assembly is placed on the table with the drag box on it.

• The table is actuated by two pistons in air cylinders, one inside the other. One piston called ‘Jolt piston’ raises and drops the table repeatedly for a predetermined number of times, while the other piston called ‘squeeze piston’ pushes the table upward to squeeze the sand in the flask against the squeeze plate. In operation, sand is filled in the drag box and jolted repeatedly by operating the jolt piston.

• After jolting, the complete mould assembly is rolled over by hand.

• The cope is filled with sand & by operating the squeeze piston, the mould assembly is raised against the squeeze plate. By the end of this operation, the sand in the mould box is uniformly packed.

• The match plate is now vibrated and removed. The mould is finished and made ready for pouring.

                                 Jolt Part                                                                            Colume Part                                                                               Squeeze Part

Features of Mold in Foundry Sand Casting molding process:

• The sand flask supports the mould itself. Two-piece moulds consist of a cope on top and a drag on the bottom; the seam between them is the parting line.

• When more than two pieces are used in a sand mould, the additional parts are called cheeks.

• Pouring basin or pouring cup: into which the molten metal is poured • Sprue :through which the molten metal flows downward

• Runner: channel that carry the molten metal from the sprue to the mould cavity.

• Gates are the inlets into the mould cavity.

• Riser : supply additional molten metal to the casting as it shrinks during solidification

• Cores : They are placed in the mould to form hollow regions or otherwise define the interior surface of the casting

• Vents: which are placed in moulds to carry off gases produced when the molten metal comes into contact with the sand in the mould and the core.

Clay Sand Jolt Squeeze Molding Machine Application & Production

Green Sand Jolt squeeze molding machine Packing & Delivery

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