Complete scope of foundry equipment and machinery.

                                                        Sand Mixer

Sand mixer uniformly mixes foundry sand, binder, additive, water, etc. to make it a molding sand or core sand with a certain performance.Sand mixer is the main equipment for foundry sand processing and sand mixing. It is also the key equipment for obtaining qualified sand. There are mainly roller and rotor types.

                                                                                                                   Green Sand Mixer

       Single wheel type sand mixer                      Double wheels type sand mixer                           High speed rotor type sand mixe 

                                                                       Resin sand mixer

Double arms resin sand mixer                                     Single arm resin sand mixer                                Bowl type resin sand mixer

                                        Sand Molding Equipment

Sand molding equipments is the main machine in the foundry sand casting process.
Normally divide into jolt squeeze molding machine with sand flask and Automatic flaskless molding machine.
The auto flaskless molding machine has vertical parting type and horizontal parting type.

       Jolt Squeeze Molding Machine                 Horizontal  Flaskless Molding Machine            Vertical  Flaskless Molding Machine                Full Automatic Molding Line

                                        Sand Core Shooter

The core shooter is widely used in the foundry industry. The working principle is to inject a core-sand mixture with a liquid or solid thermosetting resin as a binder into the heated core box. The sand core is preheated in the core box and hardens quickly. Take it out when a certain thickness , form a high-quality sand core with a smooth surface and accurate size.
Core shooting machine is made of coated sand core, devied into hot core box and cold core box

Cold box sand core shooter                                        Sand shell core shooter                                   Hot box sand core shooter      

Sand Reclamation

We have full expertise and experience to design & manufacture complete green sand casting production line.It’s full automatic, high efficient and eco-friendly.
Lines include sand preparing, automatic molding, sand reclaiming machine, dust collecting and blast cleaning.

Sand inline vibrating sieve                                                 Shakeout compaction machine                          Foundry sand crusher                              Fine Hexagonal Sieve   

Fluidized Cooler                                          Sand temperature controller                                      Bucket Elevator                                  Cooling Drum

Complete Foundry Production Line

Complete foundry sand casting production line inlcuding resin sand production line and green sand / clay sand production line.
The auto flaskless molding machine has vertical parting type and horizontal parting type.

Green sand foundry  line                                                   Resin sand foundry  line                                   Lost foam casting  line                                                 V-Type Casting Line  

Shot Blasting Machinery

Shot blasting machine refers to a casting equipment that uses high-speed shots thrown from a shot blaster to clean or strengthen the surface of a casting. The shot blasting machine can perform sand dropping, core removal and cleaning on the casting at the same time. Some areas are also called orally or as sandblasters.
Including : Roller conveyor shot blasting machine, spinner hanger shot blasting machine, steel plate and pipe shot blasting machine, road surface shot blasting machine, rotary drum shot blasting machine and beam shot blasting machine,etc.

    Roller conveyor shot blaster                                     H beam shot blaster                                                     Steel pipe shot blaster                                 Steel plate shot blaster 

Spinner hanger hook shot blaster                            Tumble belt shot blaster                                 Rotary drum shot blaster                                     Portable road shot blaster

Spare Parts