Single Wheel Type Green Sand Mixer


  • Specially designed for green sand plantProductivity up to 30ton per hour
  • Rolling wheel pressure combined with sand mixing rotor, sand mixing high efficiency,good quality

                 Technical specification of single wheel type resin sand mixer                                                 


Disk dia

Sand mix capacity

Feed capacity






















                                                Surpport customized according to your different size requirements.

                                                                                    Description of green sand mixer:


The roller sand mixer has strong adaptability and wide application, and is mainly used for sand molding in the foundry. It can be used to mix single sand for machine modeling, dry sand, self-hardening sand, face sand and core sand. It is also suitable for glass, ceramics, refractory and other industries to mix various powder materials.
The working structure of this product consists of a roller rotor and three inner, outer and middle scrapers. During the mixing process, the outer scraper cleans the molding sand adhered to the inner lining ring and turns up the molding sand on the outer edge of the roller, and sends it to the working area of the roller; The working area of the wheel cleans the molding sand adhered to the surface of the column at the same time; the middle scraper cleans the molding sand adhered to the lining ring; the high-speed rotating multi-piece rotor vigorously stirs the molding sand, and the crushing makes the ingredients mix quickly and uniformly. The whole sand mixing process. 

                                                                                                                     Technical Characteristics of green sand mixer:

1.Stable,low power consumption,and long lifetime.
2.Automatic lubrication system.
3.Highly standardized,good parts interchangeable,fast and low-cost maintenance.
4.Automatic spraying water for feeding,which makes sand molds better.
5.Using case-hardened surface reducer.
6.Rotor and scraper are made of alloy.
7.Random sampling mechanism(online detection is optional).
8.Stainless steel inner ring and green stone casting board.


Features of resin sand mixer

1. The split tube mixing trough and removable shaft ensure the system is easily maintained for greater longevity.

 2. The pivotal mixer can be supplied with either the BASIC panel which excludes a PLC and has manually adjustable pumps. Or we can offer the PLUS panel which includes a PLC and all of the latest features automatic modes.


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Weight300 kg


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