Common Problems & Solutions of shot blasting machine

1. Hook type shot blasting machine dust collector contains too much steel shot:

The air volume in the separation system of the shot blasting machine is too large, and the baffle of the air outlet should be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the dust removal effect will not be weakened and the steel shot will not be sucked out.

2. Dust removal efficiency of shot blasting machine is low:

1. The fan of the dust collector connects the line wrongly, so that the fan rotates in the reverse direction, and the phase circuit can be replaced again;
2. The filter cartridge of the dust collector is not installed securely or damaged or lacks, and the filter cartridge is reinforced or replaced;
3. The sealing of the connection of the dust removal pipe is poor, resulting in air leakage and ensuring the sealing of each component;
4. The workpiece being cleaned has not been processed in advance according to the shot blasting process. The sand carried by the workpiece is too much, resulting in excessive dust content in the dust inlet air and reduced dust removal efficiency;
5. The pulse blowback control unit of the dust collector is not turned on or activated for a small number of times. Too much dust blocks the filter cartridge, and the dust on the filter cartridge of the shot blasting machine is cleaned in time.

3. Bucket elevator of shot blasting machine does not run:

1. Clamp, check the bottom of the elevator, and remove the excessive particles existing at the bottom;
2. The belt slips, adjust the tensioning device of the transmission wheel, and balance the screws on both sides of the tensioning belt;
3. There is too much steel shot remaining at the bottom of the hoist, and the motors of the shot blasting machine are shut down in order to remove excess steel shots.

4. Cleaning effect of shot blasting machine is not ideal

1. The supply of steel shots is insufficient, and the current expression cannot meet the requirements. Add steel shots according to the situation;
2. The shot direction of the shot blaster is inaccurate, adjust the position of the window of the directional sleeve of the shot blaster;
3. The particle size of the pellets is not suitable. Reselect the type of pellet size or the national standard steel pellets;
4. If the steel shot has not been used for a long time, it will cause crystallization, and a new steel shot should be replaced.

5. Shot blasting machine room door switch is not working or cannot be opened

The door shaft is not well lubricated. Add lubricating oil properly at the door shaft.

6. Machine motor switch is not agile or does not work as required

1. Regarding the damage of electronic components, find an electrician and replace immediately after inspection;
2. There is too much dust on the control cabinet dust, resulting in poor contact points;
3. Too much dust and dirt on the relay, resulting in poor contact points.

7. The screw conveyor does not work:

1. Excessive pellets lead to blockage, stop the machine in the order of the shot blast machine shutdown sequence and gradually check and clear the pellets;
2. The spiral shaft is bent to correct and polish the outer diameter of the blade;
3. The welding seam of the spiral shaft head is broken, re-welded firmly, not sloppy.

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